Web Design

Here at Spec OpS Computing our design team starts by understanding your business. We work along side you to understand your approach to your market.

All web design prices have a minimum hosting fee of $50 and all New Websites have an additional minimum start up fee. This fee is based on the type of website that is being created. Whether it be a landing page, Non-Profit page, business page, Streaming page or an e-Commerce page.

All other work can be determined in a contractual agreement to include but not limited to SEO, Social Media, Youtube, Twitch, e-commerce management, photography or web host transfer. Contracts come in 3 lengths consisting of 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months and are space to allow the design team to create and display a quality product. All details provided have been determined to represent the maximum level of work we will provide to the customer for the minimum amount of payment. All quoted work will be provided and any additional unseen or miss-calculated work required by third party software agencies that will effect the design within the established contract will be billed at a 50 percent discounted rate. Our design team will make every effort to provide transparent pricing. If its a mistake made by the design team it will be corrected at no additional charge. Our goal is to get you noticed, not take your money. So, let us help you break the status quo that shows small business failing after 1 year and keep you in the race.

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