Computer Optimization

How fast is your computer? If you are like me, I would wager you’d agree, if you ain’t first your last when it comes to computer performance. Do you know everything that is installed on your computer or do you rely on the manufacturer to not add useless junk? What about when those apps start up, could you tell me how and when that happens? If you can’t, you are not alone. We use to be in that position, now we help others get rid of that headache.

  • First we analyze your computer and decipher the information.
  • Than I contact you about the problem areas and some possible solutions.
  • After a route has been established we implement the fixes through a trial and error process
  • Lastly we show you the best maintenance practices for your solutions

A Computer Built for You

It may seem trivial, however it can be your next migraine when your trying to close out a free for all death match in Apex, locked in a one on one winner takes all, with the shot on target, but your computer didn’t register the shot fast enough.

There is a computer for you and I know how to target that specific area of expertise with your personality in mind.

Whether it be:

  • Gaming
  • Clerical
  • Mobile workstation
  • Battery Saver

If you’re a medical professional who needs a computer that will last the duration of the shift x 2, because you fell asleep and forgot to charge the laptop and/or the power to handle all the browser tabs and data accumulation required. I can help you find the tech partner you need to save lives.

Maybe your the casual user, no problem, we can help find the cheapest most efficient computer for you. Connecting to the world via internet is our present reality. Lets get you a connection that is reliable.

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