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There was a time in my life when I didn’t understand who I was or where I was going. I would sit outside and listen to the radio. Most days were slow because most summers the neighborhood kids would leave town. They would come back with the most amazing stories. I would listen to them talk about the snow in the mountains, the desert tops of the Grand Canyon or how high the steam from Old Faithful in Yellowstone could get. I can still see the image that was painted in my head when I would listen to these amazing stories. As a kid, my adventurous curiosity would send me walking the town looking for anything that was remotely interesting. The first real thing I found was the church on 9th street, Calvary Baptist. I was in the 4th grade and that was the furthest from home I had ever been. The pastor saw me walking around and asked if I was looking for something to do and that started me down the road to begin my 10 year study of the bible. Now this is not a religious conversion post. However, all of these stories have some similarities. There was a person/event that at a central point, whether it be a kid, adult or Jesus, had someone documenting as much information as possible. I have always been told to work smarter not harder. To me living on reputation that is solely built on word of mouth is too fickle. Some people will mention the service or product and some will not. With the internet this form of communication started happening through emails and google ads. In fact, Amazon is the biggest company in the world and it was built on google ads. Understanding why this is important, is crucial to the survival of any business. Working smarter definitely paid off for Jeff Bezos and many other internet millionaires. The next big advertising space is Alexa or some other form of AI inspired search method. Having the most optimized website will allow anyone to talk to the device and the device be able to find your information in a heart beat. Telling a good story needs more than just a good story. The delivery has to stand up to the test and bring the value of the story home. Getting the attention of the consumer is crucial to making a sale. It is more important now than ever to have a site that can get the users attention long enough to tell the story and make the sell. Having a cheap site is perfect for a small business start up however, when you start to grow you will gain more attention and you need a site that’s capable of handling all of that information without losing any consumers. Check your site performance. If it is not loading fast enough there needs to be a change. Most search now days is coming from the mobile realm and having a site that is not mobile friendly is going to cost you more money than it would have if you paid for it to be handled. Not only are you losing customers from the website but the returning consumer may also not be able to add new business due to the lack of information in the website. There is not much that can be changed or optimized in a drag and drop web builder so make the switch. Not changing would be like spending money and time having a packing party to send out letters instead of emailing the list of duties. The gap in technological advancement in story telling in person to story telling to thousands online in 6 different platforms is how you build brand awareness. Join the millions of people switching to mobile friendly websites because of the need to start developing their online real estate. Buy low and sell high. That method applies to web design. When a new product is introduced that gets rigorously tested and hold up better than the competition it is best to buy into it cheap before the price goes up. So, when it does go up, it can bring you equitable value. That’s all for this one. Sign up to our Facebook page to learn more about web design and digital marketing. Take care.

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