Documentation, when I think of it, I see Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and many others. There was a time when my first thoughts went to a Journal, Newspapers or Television. Often, I miss those times. It seemed simpler, being there with my grandma watching TV or writing in my notepads. I often find myself sitting on my couch staring at the TV, daydreaming about those days. I tell myself, “If I knew now what I didn’t back then, I could have been rich!” and my grandma would not have to walk around town scraping change off the ground. I took her determination and would walk all over town. I would go from one place to the next, looking for knowledge. I would find kids and find my way to their dinner table asking questions and looking around at how everything operated. I have always found that people are innately nice and caring. Now there is data online showing that to be true. There was a time when this kind of mass data analysis was not possible. There was no way for our media of 1995 and before to document the behavior of us humans in such a mass volume. On that note, there was no way for them to advertise to the people at this level either. I know some owners do not want the amount of consumer volume that online documentation could bring their brand. Some work is just not realistically possible to small business owners who need to scale up fast. In that case, local advertisements are a great way to meet your needs, until you find your loyal customer base has found a different way to be apart of the relevancy of fame. What then? Keep to your guns and go under? This game is always gonna be an up and down roller coaster. It’s best to keep your brand in the eyes of the people. Especially, if you want to keep pace with the person next to you. Best believe, there is someone who wants what you have and is willing to go the extra mile. Keeping your brand in the eyes of your consumer is one of the best weapons to use. You don’t have to advertise in their face all the time trying to sell. Instead bring them some content that lets them feel like they are part of the process. Teach them how to make your burger, teach them how to make a computer, or where the next marketing platform is gonna be. I know it is going to be Twitch.Tv that is for certain. Football players are moving over to it, Esports was just added to Merkel ISD’s sports plan and it is now more imperative than ever to start building your brand awareness and moving over to Twitch. If you need help providing content for any of the platforms or getting your brand put out on twitch using an influencer call Spec OpS Computing @ 325-430-4991. This is just the beginning of the influencer take over. Some will make it and others will fail. It takes loving what you do and doing it religiously. I research and learn my craft daily. You may be asking what it is I actually do. Well, let me tell all about that in my next post. Coming Next Sunday 7/21/2019.

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